Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wood Panel Spring Break Underpainting

So again I started with the more organic action painting, splatter, abstraction. very therapeutic process that enables me to release any potential for "artist block." After prepping the canvas in this manner I moved on to locating large areas of color, lights and shadows. I am again working from a crappy polaroid photo so a flash and distorted tones prove an obstacle again. I start out very flat again, isolation certain ambiguous planes.

adding some saturated tones and laying down second coats.

this photograph was taken at night so it appears much you can see more rendering of piano, block, figure and birds has occurred. More shadows on the figure. must create some sort of horizon line to push depth.
detail of some of the texture in the block.


  1. what's that gray space about?

  2. Bleeding ducks? Duck hunt?