Monday, April 12, 2010

contemporary glance

Tim Gardner portrays figures in their personal space. his pieces are very literal and seem like they are painted directly from photographs of friends. I do enjoy the facial expression and the correlation to their surroundings. In another of his works there is a horizontal figure immersed in a sea of bear bottles. The vulnerability is definitely present.
Atul Dodiya paints roll top doors int he streets of india as well as canvas and paper works. He deals with the same space and figure relationship and evokes emotional response. sometimes literal and sometimes rather metaphorical, Dodiya produces very charged works and can access the viewer almost immediately. This is something I have been struggling with recently. How do I clearly present my issue and have it be abstract and legible at the same time? I enjoy Dodiya's use of complementary hues.

"I attempt to create an atmosphere outside time, a space where time has been cancelled."
-Michael Borremans

immediately i am drawn to Borremans content. the anchoring of his figures and the metaphor of this ambiguous space and the figures relation to that space intrigues me. he has a loose but very representational stroke. He works in oil watercolor and ink which, for the most part, resembles my three key mediums. i really appreciate his clear definition of this made up space. i lack imperative boundary and plane distinction. I need to decipher more clearly between the imaginary and the actuality.

Matthew Greene Builds beautiful atmospheric perspective in his work. The washes and layering in the background is far more effective than my own. the conversation between the forms and figures to that of the awkward space is rather beautiful in all it's jumbled fragmented mess. I really need to work on leaving pieces unfinished. the way his figures drop back int0 the space and disappear flippantly is very indicative of a vulnerability and loss within oneself. the layers signify this facade idea i have juggled. I need to loosen up, i need to not be constrained by the initial canvas prep, it should have no effect on what comes next!!!

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