Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I chose to focus on mainly Michael Borremans. His figures are slaves to the space they inhibit. some of these figures are merely busts, they begin above the waist almost stuck in concrete. the compositional perspective is precise and believable yet obtrusive and discomforting which i love! again I need to focus on the lighting of my figures and shadows... shadows are a hugh issue when it comes to my work, I usually use shitty photographic resources and the shadows need to be created themselves. Borremans also uses really believable color palette that reads as both realistic yet aged and nostalgic. If I could incorporate his placement of figure in awkward spaces and emerging from planes into the abstract and turbulent atmosphere I create, I believe my intentions may be more apparent.
Matthew Greene employs a similar paint application technique to that of mine. The many layered backgrounds the interact with the forms create a movement that I long to achieve. I need to push my figures into theses spaces rather than plop them directly on the surface. I wish i had the guts to paint with very opaque whites and leave them that way. His saturation is toned down so much it evokes and erie sickly aura. negative space also plays a key role in his work, I tend to fall off the deep end when it comes to expressing hypergraphia. i clutter my spaces when simplicity should be just as driving as the overall idea itself. I want to achieve something similar to that of Greene's disappearing methods, where the forms wash into the background color.

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